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Company Background

PEME Consultancy, Inc., PEME means, People, Environment, Materials and Equipment) has started  as Safety Training Organization with the Bureau of Working Condition (BWC) of the Department of Labor and Employment in January 8, 2003  and was granted Accreditation as Safety Training Organization (STO) with No.  1030-030224-0035. PEME was given authority to conduct health & safety training and Consultancy for both private and government sector and issue the corresponding Certificates of Completion to the attending participants.

PEME has existing valid accreditation to conduct BOSH (SO1) BOSH (SO2) COSH(SO2) both face to face and online training.

PEME has valid Certificate of Registration with PHILGEPS with the Department of Budget and Management authorized to engage business with the government.


Under the dynamic partnership of different disciplines, we are determined to assist DOLE in its drive for a safety and health workplace thru dynamic interventions. PEME has existing top caliber Occupational Health & Safety Consultants and Practitioners to answer challenges in the field of Safety, Health & Environment. 

Deploying Only the Best Safety Consultants and Practitioners

PEME strongly believes that when it comes to safety, health & environment, exacting high standards are the only acceptable option. In line with this, our company did not only select the best Safety Consultants and Safety Practitioners globally competitive, but also employ the best people to serve our clients. With the  vast and inter-active experience, we are able to provide our clients with the best quality training.  Their knowledge and skills are constantly upgraded, to keep them abreast with new developments.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider

PEME Consultancy Inc. is also CPD Provider with Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical Engineers and Nurses.

PEME Consultants have been directly or indirectly involved in various consultancy services with different multi-national companies.

Mr. Joel B. Ello is the Founder, President and CEO/COO of

PEME Consultancy, Inc.

Proactive Life style Corp.

Smartcon Builders, Inc.

Active Trading and Safety Consultancy, Inc.

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trained since we started in 2003

Our Business

In order to improve the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions of workers in the workplace, we believe through the following strategies

Training & Education – these are courses that provide your employee with the knowledge to implement specific tasks in health & safety.  You will find a list of these courses on the following page.

Safety Inspection & Audit – this is a specialty offering where the PEME staff conducts a thorough inspection to identify hazards in the workplace, depending on the requirements of the client.

Accident Investigation – another specialty task that PEME staff conducts to identify causes of incidents in the workplace.

Policy Making – PEME assists the client by acting as moderator and/or resource person to develop company policies as required by different departments in the government.

Medical Examination – PEME conducts In-Plant Annual Medical Examination, bringing the service to the client.

Project Studies – Special concerns or problems that need data gathering, detailed analysis, instrument monitoring and problem solving are offered to assist the client in the pursuit of their health & safety programs.

Safety/Health Consultancy – to clients that require the regular services of Health / Safety consultants as stipulated in the Occupational Safety & Health Standards, trust PEME to have best pool of experts.