• Authorized Managing Officer (AMO)
  • Senior Managing Officers
  • Senior Technical Employees (STE)
  • General Manager/Plant Manager
  • Project/Site Manager
  • Operations/Manufacturing Head
  • Human Resources Manager/Training Manager
  • Administration Manager/Facilities Head
  • Safety Officer/Practitioner
  • Members of the Safety & Health Committee

Subject: DOLE-DPWH-DTI/PCAB, DILG Prescribed training

  • Construction Occupational Safety & Health (COSH)
  • Basic Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH)
  • Advance OSH-Loss Control Management (LCM)
  • One (1) Day Mandatory OSH Training for Safety Officer 1 (SO 1)
  • D.O 128: Scaffolding Safety with TESDA NC II Certification
  • Safety Program Audit (SPA)
  • Training of Trainers Course (TOT)
  • Greetings in the Name of Health and Safety!

why our training is unique?

  • The latest ideas and best practices you can use to design, develop and enhance your existing OSH Program
  • Focus on new approaches that are being adopted and sharing tools that will help you make real improvements
  • Practical and interactive games thatwill provide a unique learning experience in a relaxed and informal environment 

Participants will receive a training that will be like no other: concise, understandable and extremely applicable as we apply the latest training techniques and methodologies called “Accelerated Learning”.  The use of “Accelerated Learning” in creating the right environment will ensure that all senses are stimulated, thereby more effectively ensuring learning is committed to memory in a way that is both creative and enjoyable.

PCAB License Required Training – Renewal and New

Prescribed Training Course for Authorized Managing Officer (AMO); Sustaining Technical Employees and Safety Officers Compliance to: DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT

  1. Department Order (DO) No. 198-18 re Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 11058 “Strengthening Compliance to Occupational Safety and Health Standards and providing penalties thereof”
  2. Department Order No.13 “Guidelines Governing Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry”
  3. All Contractors and Sustaining Technical Employees (STE) must complete a 40-hour safety training course. The completion of such a course is a prerequisite for license renewal for the license. (PCAB Board Resolution No. 425 series of 2015)

Under Rule 1033 of Philippine Occupational Safety and Health Standards (as amended) and DO 16 series of 2001, to wit “The minimum qualifications, duties and number of required safety and health officers shall be as follows: 1) All safety officers must complete the Bureau-prescribed training course prior to their appointment as in their respective places of employment; 2) All full-time safety officers must meet the requirement of duly-accredited Safety Practitioners or Safety Consultants by the Bureau; and 3) Not less than the following number of supervisors or technical personnel shall take the required trainings and shall be appointed as a safety officer on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on the number of workers employed and the hazardous or non-hazardous nature of the workplace.”